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The App


The "No-Dig-Expert App" is a free and simple tool for the pre-selection of pipe rehabilitation technologies. By entering a few parameters the users gets a quick overview of the appropriate no dig methods. Additionally they can send a request with the entered project details directly to listed no-dig experts for further support.

The "Nodig Expert" can be used in the metric and the Anglo-American mass system and is currently available in the German, English, Spanish and French.

The tool runs on Android and IOS, both smartphones and tablets. The app is also available offline. Therefor the input can be done directly at a construction site. For the forwarding of a request you need an Internet access.


 The following questions are asked and have to be answered by the user:

  • What line is it about? Open trench or pressure?
  • Which is the profile of the old pipe?
  • What is the dimension (DN) of the old pipeline?
  • Of which material consist the old pipe?
  • Which medium is transported?
  • What is the operating temperature of the medium?
  • What is the pressure in the line (in bar)?
  • Is a vacuum resistance required?
  • Installation on existing manholes or installation pits?
  • Are bends or direction changes in the line, that need to be passed during the installation? If yes, which?
  • What are the damage symptoms of the old pipeline?
  • In what condition is the old pipeline? Pipe condition I, II or III?
  • Information on the possible diameter - reduction




Android Version

iOS Version

This App is available

for google Android Systems

and for Apple iPhone and iPad


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