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About us

The "NoDig Expert App" is a product of Rabmer Management & Beteiligungs GmbH, a subsidiary of the Austrian Rabmer Group. This is led by Ulrike Rabmer-Koller who is also 100% shareholder. The group operates with 7 companies in 4 business segments: construction and real estate, municipal services, environmental technology and consulting.

Rabmer group is one of the pioneers in the sector of NoDig pipe rehabilitation. In 1988 the company started with nodig construction sites in Austria. Gradually Rabmer has expanded its field of activity, enlarged the technology portfolio and also developed equipment and materials for pipe rehabilitation.

Within 23 years, Rabmer has become one of the largest pipe rehabilitation providers in Europe.

In addition the company also established a global distribution network for NoDig technologies, equipment and materials. Due to a corporate split the operating pipe rehabilitation division was outsourced and sold in the end of 2011.

Since then Rabmer is no longer a pipe rehabilitation installer, but has established with the Rabmer Management & Beteiligungs GmbH a consulting business with the existing know-how for pipe rehabilitation. With this company the NoDig Expert App is now developed and maintained.

Please see more about Rabmer on www.rabmer.at.

This App is available

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