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The Idea


Worldwide, pipes are damaged by aging, deposition and corrosion. Leakages, cracks and holes in sewer-, water-, gas-, industrial- or oil lines represent an environmental risk, respectively a waste of resources and require urgent treatment. Conventional replacement of pipes by excavation is usually very time consuming, expensive, noisy intense and often associated with significant traffic disruption. "NoDig" technologies are here the solution. With no or minimal excavation, construction periods become shorter and traffic jams are reduced. This brings huge economic benefits and great savings of CO2 emissions.

By now, there are many providers with different pipe rehabilitation technologies, whereas each technology has certain application areas and limitations. The selection of the optimal method for pipe rehabilitation projects is technically challenging and requires years of experience in the sector. For the customer, it is often very difficult to filter out the best and most cost effective method from the variety available on the market.

The "No-Dig-Expert App" provides here the solution. It is a free and simple tool for the pre-selection of pipe rehabilitation technologies. By entering a few parameters the users gets a quick overview of the appropriate no dig methods. Additionally they can send a request with the entered project details directly to listed no-dig experts for further support.

This App is available

for google Android Systems

and for Apple iPhone and iPad


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