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Continous Slip Lining

New smaller thermoplastic pipes are welded on the job site and inserted into the existing pipe through a construction pit. An annular gap that is usually filled-in is left between the old and the new pipe. This results in a reduced cross-section.

Fields of application:

  • Depending on pipe material suitable for pressurized and non-pressurized pipelines
  • Drinking and waste water, gas and industrial applications possible
  • All pipe materials and dimensions suitable for pulling and insertion can be used
  • The constuction pit must be dimensioned according to pipe size, the material used and installation depth.
  • Circular profiles
  • DN 80 – DN 1400 mm


  • Short construction time
  • Shafts without curved channels can be passed through
  • Use of factory-manufactured pipes and components with defined material properties.
  • The pipe is hydraulically very smooth and resistant against aggressive waste water and mechanical stresses


  • Significant cross-section reduction
  • Filling of the annular gap is usually required
  • Earthworks for the construction pit
  • High-quality welding of pipes needed
  • Significant space requirements for the pipe-string lay-out during welding
  • Not suitable for damage such as position deviation and pipe collapse
  • High-quality re-connection of house connections via excavation method
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