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Segment Slip Lining

A new smaller pipe is drawn or pushed into the existing pipes via shafts or installaton pits. An annular gap remains between the old and the new pipe which is usually filled-in.

This entails a reduced cross-section. The piping elements have plug connections. The number of pipe connections is significant, especially when using short pipes.

In addition, the lateral connection is very complicated as it may not be carried out where pipes are connected. The connection is usually implemented using the excavation method.

Fields of application:

  • Depending on pipe material also suitable for pressureized and non-pressurized pipes
  • Drinking and waste water, gas and industrial applications possible
  • All pipe materials and dimensions suitable for insertion can be used
  • DN 300 – DN 3000 mm
  • Circular, oval and special profiles
  • Pipes with smaller dimensions can be introduced via existing shafts, otherwise via the construction pits
  • The construction pit must be dimensioned according to pipe size, the material used and installation depth


  • Short construction time
  • Use of factory-manufactured pipes and components with defined material properties
  • Depending on the dimensions, pipes can be installed through existing shafts


  • Significant cross-section reduction
  • Earthworks for construction pits in the case of larger dimensions
  • Filling of the annular gap is required in most cases
  • Not suitable for damage such as position deviation and pipe collapse
  • High-quality re-connection of house connections by excavation method
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